Rules of conduct

Code of practice / Rules of conduct

ANGECO demands a high level on quality, good practices and professionalism of all its partners.

The Rules of Conduct are to be followed by all members of the association and are a necessary condition to be part of it.
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ANGECO demands a high level on quality, good practices and professionalism of all its partners.

Obligations with the debtors

  • Not to claim any more that the contractual amount of the sums and legally awed.
  • To identify clearly, without ambiguity an without another personality or representation assuming.
  • To respect the persons and his private life.
  • To get that the debtor is liquidated as soon as possible.
  • To answer to the demands of information about the obligations.
  • To use a simple and understandable language.
  • To act always within the legal framework.

Obligations with the clients

  • Liquidation of the quantities received in the stablished period.
  • The competence and morality of his collaborators.
  • The confidentiality of the received informations.
  • The application of the agreed tariffs.
  • The surrender to regulate of bills with regard to the execution of the received mandate.
  • The development of his negotiations inside the instructions, limits and strategies that they have resolved themselves.
  • To act always inside the in force regulation.


National associations and his members shall:

  • Work in accordance with the laws and rules of their respective countries.
  • Comply with all european and national data protection laws.

National associations shall ensure:

  • That all enquires to the association are dealt with promptly and truthfully.
  • That only properly licensed agencies are accepted into their association.
    that there is a code of practice for their members and ensure that the code is complied with by their members.
  • That basic rules exist for contacts between their members agencies and those agencies’ clients.
  • That member agencies maintain confidentiality about all information concerning clients and debtors.
  • That a complaints procedure exists within their associations for debtors and clients and that complaints are promptly and properly investigated.


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