Spanish National Debt Collection Association
Transparency and professionalism
The belonging of an entity of collection management to ANGECO is a badge of the highest degree of professionalism and quality in the service.

ANGECO is the Spanish National Debt Collection Association who joins the companies or societies who take as a corporate purpose the rendering of services of recovery of unpaid quantities both for friendly route and for judicial route.


Type Code

The ANGECO Type Code allows the debt collection industry their compliance with the rules on spanish data protection. The Type Code governs the procedure for processing of personal data and standardize the behavior of the member institutions.

Code of conduct

ANGECO demands a high level on quality, good practices and professionalism of all its partners. The Rules of Conduct are to be followed by all members of the association and are a necessary condition to be part of it.


The ANGECO members are professionals in the recovery of unpaid credits. They respect the statutory obligations and act according to the current regulation.

ANGECO Members

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