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(Español) “La ausencia de marco regulatorio genera inseguridad y favorece el intrusismo” [01/04/2014]

(Español) La nueva Junta Directiva de ANGECO presidida por Melania Sebastián continuará sus gestiones ante el Legislativo para impulsar una normativa que ofrezca un marco claro de ejercicio de la actividad.

Whats Angeco?

Angeco, the National Association of Debt Recovery Entities, was created in 1994 as a professional association which aims to stably organise associations or companies whose corporate purpose is the resolution of unpaid accounts both through friendly mediation and through the Courts.


List of partners

Questions about debt recovery

  • #1
    How can I control a third party recovery management from my company?
    Recovery management is always transparent, and your company will be able to monitor it constantly, setting the necessary operational guidelines and accurate information.
  • #2
    What guarantees of confidentiality do I have on the information provided to the recovery company?
    The maximum guarantee. The recovery company agrees to always keep your company in the strictest of confidence, and will comply faithfully with the provisions in the in Organic Law of Data Protection.
  • #3
    Can I lose my client if the unpaid debt is outsourced?
    Each management is personalised to the utmost, always trying to save the existing commercial relationship. A default is cyclical in most of the cases. Moreover, the image of your company will emerge stronger and with a more professional image through your non-payment management.
  • #4
    Is the outsourcing of unpaid bills very expensive?
    In most of the cases, your company will pay only a percentage of the fee recovered.
  • #5
    How can I avoid the delinquency of my clients?
    In many cases, recovery companies can collaborate with your company for the establishment of a preventive policy in the management of their collections.
  • #6
    What is the recovery?
    Recovery is the professional management of unpaid debt recovery through the use of friendly (or extrajudicial) and/or judicial means.
  • #7
    Is delinquency a problem for my company?
    In the current economic climate, delinquency is the main concern of many companies.
  • #8
    Is the recovery’s outsourcing a service that saves money for my company?
    Outsourcing your company’s management of unpaid collections (recovery) is made by specialised professionals, allowing the company to allocate the staff to other more productive activities.